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There is nothing better than feeling like you have full support from your friends and family in whatever you choose to do in life. I think it is so important that women should support other women instead of seeing each other as competition. Supporting each other can lead to self- improvement by feeling inspired from others and getting that motivation to better yourself. It's so amazing to see so many young women become so successful through hard work and dedication. This personally inspires me to work even harder to achieve my goals. It makes me think anything is possible when you put your mind to it and have a good support system behind you.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of having family and friend support to achieve their goals. This is where I want to talk about what the charity Young Women's Trust can do for young women aged 16-30 that need financial and work support in the UK. It can be often overlooked that there are girls that are even younger than me struggling to figure out how to get back on their feet and get out in the professional world. That's why I think this charity is such a great one to support as it provides the support and advice that is needed.

Young Women's Trust works in three ways:

1. Giving you a voice: You are able to create change through participation and advocacy.

2. Campaigns that create change towards young women's lives today.

3. Access to support through the amazing 'Work It Out' online telephone and online coaching service as well as an online job application support service.

These free services will help young women build confidence and see a future to be financially secure. The service aims to give full support to those who need advice and guidance on getting back on track. The charity aims to demonstrate the reality of young women's lives and voicing their views as well as developing new ways to give support and advice. Through working with other young women and partnerships, YWT is able to provide this service and make a real change in people's lives. I really encourage you to read into this charity as I think it's an amazing service that an be utilised. For more information, click here.

The Work It Out service is one of the main services that I think would be very helpful. It gives life, confidence and work advice to help you feel prepared for the future. This is all free so anyone will have access to this if needed. This is also accessible at flexible hours so advice on figuring out what you want to do, motivation, mental health, relationships and so many more topics can be discussed. This can be done all over the phone, email or Whatsapp so you don't actually need to meet in person. As part of the Work It Out service, YWT also helps with sorting out job applications, CVs or cover letters to increase employment chances.

I hope you have found this post useful or interesting in some way. Whether you can benefit from this service, or just feel passionate about how this charity helps transform young women's lives, supporting this charity will help women all over England and Wales. It's hard to think that girls similar to my age may not be as privileged, so I think it's so important to raise attention towards this charity. There are plenty of ways to get involved such as donating or joining the campaign and volunteer. Following YWT on social media like Instagram and their Facebook page is also a great way to keep updated. Becoming a 'YWT Champion' for £3 a month is also a chance for you to fight gender inequality and help fundraise for the cause and be updated and attend events.

Women supporting women is what will eventually fix gender equality and Young Women's Trust is helping to progress this change. Thank you for reading this post and please spread the word on YWT as it could help someone who did not know they could have this support.

Young Women's Trust

Calls: 020 7600 7451

Work It Out coaching: 0808 808 8099

S x

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