Scrubbing up over Spring

Soooo, deadlines for uni are soon over and you may be in a state of mind where you feel like you just need to de-clutter your throughts and set up new goals for the near future. This may be the first time in life where you're almost done with university and you have no solid plans for after. You may be suck between following everyone else and getting a 'normal' job, or taking a break from that and deciding whether to travel or even move countries for that fresh start. Whatever is on your mind, it is that time of year where a Spring clean physically and mentally is due. Here are my top tips on scrubbing up over Spring to help give you a clearer mind and feel better about life!


I find that when I declutter the space around me, I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I can think and work a lot clearer. I guess that's why they said a tidy space, tidy mind.

Spring clean

The first thing I like to do is clean and tidy my room and any working space I'm in. I promise this simple task that you may always be putting off will make you feel so much better! And I don't just mean shoving everything under the bed or closet. Actually take time to organise your things, clean surfaces and open the windows for the needed fresh air. It's almost like a reset to getting something done.

Chuck or donate!

Take the time to get rid of old things that no longer serve any purpose, such as old notes and things you just don't use anymore. You might be surprised at how many things you actually need and what you can either chuck or donate to charity. This can also be applied to old clothes that you never wear but take up so much space in your wardrobe. You may even find items that you forgot you had... I know I am guilty of this! Also, clearing up some wardrobe space may mean more space for new clothes? If you ask me, that is a win win situation...

Better productivity by making your bed?

Don't underestimate how making your bed in the morning can improve your day. Not only does this act as the first accomplishment of the day encouraging you to complete other tasks, it also makes you less likely to get back into bed since it is already made. Making my bed look as 'show room' as possible has become a habit and literally do not go a day without doing so. It completes my room and makes me want to keep the rest of it clean. This may also improve productivity as implementing good daily habits increases your sense of discipline, leading to getting other things done.


When feeling stressed there are usually three things that help me. Gym, cooking and cleaning. I don't know if it is the same for you but I find that once I start cleaning and tidying one thing, I think I might as well go all out and clean the whole room! This definitely gives me peace of mind when stressed as I'm able to concentrate on just one thing and not think about whatever else is consuming my mind. Sounds weird, but cleaning is strangely therapeutic! I also love thinking of ways to decorate my room to make it an environment I love to be around. Check out my Pinterest for decor inspo.

I hope this post has inspired you to do a little Spring clean to clear your mind and continue to boss life!!

S x

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