So now that January is over, how many of you can say that you've broken at least one New Years resolution already? I know I'm definitely guilty of this. When it comes to setting new year resolutions, I never really agreed with waiting until the New Year to set them. I think it's great that everyone as a collective decide to better ourselves and set goals as a'fresh start', but I'm a firm believer that if you want to start something, then you can do it instantly and not wait until tomorrow, or next week etc. Even if you don't quite succeed first day, there's always opportunities every second to try again until you succeed!

From my experience these are the six most important habits I started implementing in my life that made a difference.


Something that most people dread, but once you hack it, it's the best. It's definitely not easy and takes self- discipline but once you get yourself in the habit of doing so, you will be so much more productive and feel good for it.

You may think that waking up super early in the morning will mean you get tired during the day, but it's actually the opposite. If I wake up late and go to sleep late, I always feel more tired during the day than if I get a good nights sleep (at least 8 hours) and wake up early.

So tonight, get to bed at a reasonable time and set your alarm earlier than usual (even if its half an hour) and do not hit snooze! Don't even give yourself a chance to even think about sleeping in. When you hear your alarm just get up straight away and you'll find yourself not even tired once you're up and running!


So this doesn't have to be 6 times a week hardcore workout routine if you're pretty much sedentary at the moment. Ease yourself into it by starting out doing 3 workouts a week and build up to 4-5! It can be overwhelming to think of where to start and what to do in the gym. So I would recommend doing some research, find out what you enjoy and attend classes. Getting a scheduled plan telling you what to do is also very helpful and motivating.

Gym newbies: When I first got into fitness, classes were a way to build up my confidence and knowledge. Even before gymming, I would do home workouts 6 times a week as a way to keep healthy. Buying some of your own weights can be beneficial too if you don't want to join a gym. I'd always recommend prioritising weight training over lots of cardio.

Once you get into the habit of working out, it won't feel like a chore as you realise how great it makes you feel and it will become part of your lifestyle. I've noticed since working out, I feel more energised, confident and productive. You also get to eat more since you're burning a lot more calories... and who wouldn't want that?


About 3 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition and would eat anything and everything I wanted. I wondered why I would feel so tired all the time and why I would always get ill. Over the past 2 and a half years, I developed my knowledge massively in nutrition and have learnt the best way to eat for me. I eat a plant- based mainly whole-food diet and it honestly was the best decision I have ever made.

I'm not saying you have to go vegan overnight, but I do encourage everyone to center their meals around plant based whole foods to feel your best (and help the environment). When you start to eat healthier unprocessed foods, your body will begin to crave those things more and you no longer feel the need to eat junk food. Like seriously, I never crave sweets and chocolate anymore and if I do, I make a healthier alternative that is just as good. With a little research, you'll be surprised how versatile ingredients such as bananas, oats and beans can be!

I no longer feel tired or bloated after meals and my metabolism has improved so much too. If you find vegetables boring then try adding more spices or making your own healthy sauces! Also, working out and tracking your diet goes hand in hand to see results so this is especially important!


This is something that I am still working on as it can be the biggest distraction. I often find myself mindlessly scrolling through social media apps, which in reality adds no value to my life. This is something to really catch yourself out doing. Anything you do, think to yourself 'is this adding any real value to my life?' If the answer is no, then stop doing it immediately.

The only thing we can't stop is time, so we may as well make the most of every minute, instead of wasting it and thinking about how it goes so quickly. Easier said than done I know, but I try to make a conscious effort to have this mentality. The more you train yourself to think this way, the more natural it will become and in the end you won't even have to force yourself to be productive.

So if you're struggling to get work done, put your phone out of sight and just start doing the work. Put a timer on for 30-45 minutes to get yourself started and then you'll probably find that you will want to carry on after the timer goes off because you've got yourself in the zone.


There are so many resources out there that can help you shift your view in how to live your life. Take advantage of this and use them! I personally love reading self- improvement books whenever I'm feeling unproductive or stuck in a rut. It always makes me re-evaluate my priorities and I end up feeling more motivated to get things done. I'm a firm believer that thoughts become things and that you are the creator of your life, so positivity is key! Shifting your mindset to see things in different ways has made such a difference in my life.

Example. If one bad thing happens to you and you let it hang over you for the rest of the day and view everything else negatively, realise you are controlling this yourself. If you had just gotten over it and see it as something to learn from, then you would probably have had a much better and productive day.

The book I recommend to all my friends is 'Who Says You Can't? You Do'. It teaches you to re-evaluate how you're living your life and what you can do in order to become successful and happier. Although it is great to read these books, you do actually need to act upon on them and practise what you are learning. It is a hard process but training yourself to implement these behaviours will change your life completely.


This is literally such an important factor that I really try and maintain in my life. It's easy to get sucked into petty drama happening around you, whether it's about friendships, relationships etc. If I'm honest, I stay away and don't involve myself with people that attract pointless drama in life as I find that it's a waste of time that can consume you.

There is absolutely no point in gossiping about other people and speaking bad about others. It adds zero value to your life. Some people love drama but I would advise to step away from it as this can stem into other toxic relationships. I keep my close circle of friends very small and am picky with who I like to surround myself with, and I think you should do the same.

We all have different groups of friends for different occasions, but it's important not to focus on the quantity and more on the quality. I like to surround myself with people who motivate me and look up to. Qualities in them that make me want to be a better person, and it should also be the same for them. Having a friendship where only you are bringing something to the table or vice vera is draining. So, point being is reduce drama in your life. You'll find yourself much happier and able to focus on the things that actually matter and will make a positive difference.

Of course there are so many more factors that will improve different aspects of your life, but these are the main points that have benefitted me the most. Soooo in summary, stop with the excuses and feeling sorry for yourself and take action rather than just sitting there wishing for your dream life to come to you :) As we all know that won't happen, so no matter how far away you think you are from your goal, you're not going to get further by not doing it at all. Sorry, tough love kinda girl- but true.

Thanks for reading and I truly hope this has sparked some motivation in you to reach your goals!

Shannon x

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