As Christmas is around the corner (how has this year gone so quickly?!) the spirit of giving and happiness is so much more apparent around this time of year. It's easy get stressed about what presents to buy, what gifts we want and getting organised in preparation for Christmas, that sometimes we loose focus on the real meaning. Buying presents and receiving is fun, but I want to highlight that the season of giving, doesn't mean just 'giving' materialistic things. To me, gifts that don't necessarily cost much or anything are the ones to remember and mean the most.

So this Christmas, it's worth having a think about what you can do that doesn't involve buying something with little meaning.


The gifts that I treasure the most are ones that are personalised, as it's an reflection of thought and effort. I'm not taking about a personalised bags or jewelry which end up costing loads. I'm talking the simplest things that just take a little extra time. I love making my closest friends and family a book full of memories through out the year. Printing, sticking photos and writing notes is a way of reminising all the good times and is much more meaningful than just flicking through them online.

Another cute idea would be making a little gift bag full of little bits and pieces. This doesn't have to cost much as adding little things that would come in handy and only you would know they want is a way of showing someone you put thought into their gift. You can wrap it all cute with messages attached explaining why you included it!


Showing simple acts of kindness will brighten anyones mood. I notice that if I'm not feeling great and I come across someone who's noticeably nice, my mood is instantly brightened! Happiness really is infectious as cheesy as it sounds!

Being kind really doesn't require much effort at all and it can really impact someones day for the better. Something simple like paying someone a compliment, or being helpful in any way will go a long way.

Spending quality time with your friends and family that you don't normally do things with is something that is overlooked, especially at this age. Even if you live with your family and see them everyday, when was the last time you actually spent quality time doing something with them or having a chat just about life and hanging out?

We can get so caught up in things we want and things we can do to further this, that it's important to remember to give kindness back in ways that don't cost anything!


Christmas is time for families and loved ones, however not everyone is fortunate and may not have someone to spend Christmas with. There are so many charities, that it can be overwhelming choosing which ones to donate to. Donating to the homeless during this time of year is especially important. Being in England, it's so cold I can't even imagine not having a home for warmth.

A charity that I have recently been introduced to by being a Soap and Glory ambassador is Young Women's Trust. This has really touched my heart as it educated me on these daily struggles women are having that I was not aware of. This charity supports women aged 16-30 who struggle to live on little to low to no pay. Being a student I understand how much of a struggle it can be with sticking to budgets and managing finances. However, I'm lucky enough to have support, so I think giving back to others who aren't as lucky is a must. Young Women's Trust gives advice to women on building their confidence and getting back on track to be financially independent. This type of guidance can really transform lives, so by supporting charities like this is a great way to give back this year.

This post is a little different to my usual topics but through my website, I want to encourage self- improvement, as this is something I always strive and promote. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts around these topics! Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a special Christmas.

S x

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