Weekend Brunching | Healthy Vegan Waffles and Chocolate Milkshake

November 12, 2017


Happy Sunday! 


Although Sunday's mean it's the end of the weekend (not always a bad thing), it also means one other thing for me. 


A good brunch. 


Preferably filled with waffles, fruit, chocolate sauce, smoothies and syrup... lots of syrup. Although I'm trying to cut down on added sugars in my breakfasts, having a little on the weekend will do no harm! 


So if you crave the same on a Sunday where you're feeling a little sorry for yourself after last nights antics, instead of going for another bad food choice, try making these healthy indulgent waffles and milkshake that will make you feel 10000x better! 


 I have filmed a video on exactly how I make these but I though it would be handy to write up the exact ingredients and measurements.


Waffle Ingredients:

- 30g Oats 

- 30g of Buckwheat Flakes (Can just use all oats if you don't have this on hand). 

- 10g of coconut flour (Optional)

- 1 Banana 

- 160ml of non- dairy milk. I Used Rude Health Coconut Drink. I'm also a fan of Pip& Nut's unsweetened Almond milk. 



- 30g Blueberries

- 1 Fig

- 20g Coconut Collaborate Frozen Yogurt 

- Chopped Brazil Nut

- 3g Cacao Powder

- 15g Maple Syrup 

- 4g Coconut Chips


To make:

1. Pre- heat the waffle maker

2. Blend together the buckwheat flakes and oats so it turns into a flour consistency 

3. Add in half of the banana, coconut flour and the milk and whizz. 

4. Pour in the mixture into the waffle maker and cook until done. This usually takes around 5-7 minutes for mine. 

5. Add desired toppings! 


Chocolate Milkshake:

- 1/2 Banana 

- 30g Medjool dates

- 70ml Non- dairy Milk (Add more for a thinner consistency)

- 8g Cacao Powder

- 1/4 Avocado

- 7g Almond Butter


To make:

- Blend all ingredients together and you have a delicious chocolate milkshake! 

You don't have to use the exact measurements of my ingredients, I would suggest using frozen bananas and more than half with more milk you want to replicate a bigger milkshake! 



Calories: 549

C: 95g F: 12.5g P: 13g



Calories: 316

C: 41g F:13g P: 8g



I hope you will try this out as it is seriously soooo good you'll be missing out if you don't!! 


Do tag me in pics if you do make this as I would love to see your recreations. 


Waffles maker that  I use is the VonShef Belgium Waffle Maker: https://goo.gl/LJh1C8


S x


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