The Perfect Vegan Health Pancakes

I make pancakes for brunch on the weekend so often that my friends now wait for that Snapchat or Instagram picture I'll post. So, it's only right that my first food post will be dedicated to and all about pancakes.

Top tips to make the perfect round pancake:

1. Don't add too much banana. This makes the mixture less dense and creates a burnt look on the pancakes. It is important to use a ripe banana as this naturally sweetens the pancakes.

2. Keep the hob on a low/ medium heat. This is crucial when wanting that perfect light brown colour on the pancakes. Being impatient and turning up the heat too high will again create a burnt look and it won't be cooked all through evenly.

3. If you want those thick American pancakes, then you want to make the batter thicker so it doesn't spread out thinly.

4. Getting the perfect circle: We've all had that disaster when your pancake ends up resembling something like a scrambled egg. To avoid this, I usually start quickly pouring in the middle before it starts cooking unevenly and you're still adding fresh batter.

Main Ingredients:

- 1/4 ripe banana

- 3/4 cup rolled oats

- 1/2 cup of almond milk (or any non- diary milk. The amount also depends on how thick you want the mixture).

Optional ingredients:

- 1/2 scoop protein powder (Optional- add more oats if skipping this step. I don't like adding one full scoop as I find it changes the taste and makes the texture more dry)

- 1 tsp of Lucuma powder/ Maca powder

- Vanilla Extract


1. Heat a non- stick pan on low to medium.

2. In a blender (I use a Nutribullet), blend all the main and optional ingredients you wish to use.

3. If the mixture is too runny then add more oats or protein powder, or if too thick then simply add more milk.

4. Once all blended, pour about 1/2 cup of mixture into the pan so it forms a circle pancake shape.

5. Leave on heat until bubbles start to appear around the edges and carefully flip them over and heat for a minute or so.

6. Repeat until all the mixture is gone and stack them all up

Final step is to add all your toppings! (My favourite part). There are so many ways to top your pancakes!

Some of my favourite combinations are:

- Bananas (You can caramalise them too by frying them in a pan with some maple syrup and cinnamon). Adding cashew butter and thinning it out with a tiny bit of water to make a sauce or creating a chocolate syrup by mixing cacao powder with maple syrup.

- Berries with coconut or almond yoghurt. My favourite yoghurt brands are Nush and Coyo.

- Maple syrup with Lemon juice.

So there you go... for everyone that comments on my weekly brunch pancakes, you can now make them too!

I really encourage you guys to make these as they are so delicious and completely healthy too.

Thanks so much for reading and please take photos if you make this and tag me in it!

Shannon x

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